The Diabetic Shambles Manifesto

**DISCLAIMER: Everything that follows is based on personal experience, and does not constitute medical advice. It’s what has worked for me, but everyone’s different.**

There’s loads of advice for people with diabetes. Loads of it. Some of it is useful, some of it not. Some comes from healthcare professionals, some from others with diabetes. So, why would I try to get in on this?

I was chatting with the wonderful @clarentina, and the thing we thought is missing is decent information for young adults who aren’t necessarily interested in perfection all the time. They just want to stay healthy while also being able to do what their mates are doing.

There is advice available on drinking, eating out, going to festivals and having sex, but it’s all a bit clinical at best, or patronising at worst.

So, with the benefit of surviving through the dubious decision-making of my twenties, I thought it was time to give back to the younger generation.

Very happy to take requests, but current ideas for posts include: diabetes and festivals, surviving fresher’s week, getting blitzed without going to A&E and everything you ever wanted to know about diabetic sex that no one is willing to tell you.

If you have ideas or comments, find me @k_d85

One thought on “The Diabetic Shambles Manifesto

  1. Great work! Agree with all you say re info, I’m on the other side of all that young adult stuff-did a lot of that stuff way back in the days of “Reality Check”-so long ago we had a printed publication for a while 🙂 Real life, relevant and practical-about living life not medicalising it.


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